Callaway Apex Irons Review

Callaway Apex Irons Review

Some of Callaway’s latest irons hit the shelves early December, one of which was the very sleek and smooth looking Callaway Apex irons. The Apex irons are aimed at those who want a forged iron but still require the power, forgiveness, consistency and feel that a cast iron just doesn’t quite give (although there are some coming out that I thought were very close) Recently I was able to test the irons with our trusty orange box Trackman in the background collecting some data for us, the video of my thoughts on the data and performance are attached later in the blog.

What’s it like?

The Callaway Apex irons are stunning looking and the feel is superb. The medium sized heads will sit between the new X2 Hot and X2 Hot pro irons in head size. The top line is not as slim as the new Apex Pro irons  with a moderate amount of off-set. The rubber insert and badging in the cavity helps reduce vibration further, thus creating the great soft feel of a one piece forged iron that golfers will be expecting from this type of iron and price point. The set features tungsten weighting in the soles of the longer irons to lower the COG helping the golfer launch the ball higher and is said to add a up to 3MPH more ball speed than Callaway’s previous intermediate forged model the Diablo Forged. The most notable thing I found whilst testing was just how soft feeling they were, the forged 455 carpenter steel faces certainly do their job, the hot face is producing good ball speeds on both centre and off centre hits. These irons for me look, feel and perform wonderfully and for the golfer who wants both forgiveness and feel, these irons are certainly one to consider.


Below is the Trackman Data & video Review


The standard shaft specification of the irons come with either the True Temper XP95 in steel shaft or the UST Recoil shaft in graphite


The Callaway Apex irons do what they say on the box: a forged performance iron offering the ultimate in forgiveness, feel and distance. These irons look, feel and perform wonderfully and will appeal to a wide range of golfers who want forgiveness, distance combined with a forged feel. The Apex irons are certainly one to consider when looking for a new set for 2014 and I’m pretty sure these will be a hit in the Callaway product range. The Callaway Apex irons are available in stores now and I think we will see a lot of sets in people bags this coming season.

On a side note – for the elite golfer who is looking at the player irons combining these in the long irons and the Callaway Apex Tour in the short irons would certainly be an option 

For more images of the Apex irons below……