Callaway Apex Pro Irons

The Callaway Apex Pro Iron Review

The eagerly anticipated launch of the Callaway Apex Pro irons is nearly here, the low handicap players and professionals will love this new iron. As with most players irons they are not big, bulky and the longest in distance, golfers who would be using these irons don’t need distance, these irons are built for looks feel and workability. The short bladed, narrow soled irons have a small amount of off-set giving the player the ability to work the ball freely without fighting against a low COG or big off-set of the traditional improvement irons that would appeal to most. The Callaway Apex Pro irons are very similar looking to the previous model the X-forged when looked down at them but the looks stop there. The Callaway Blurb on the irons is that they have not only added the lower COG in the longer irons making them more forgiving, they have slightly increasing ball speed with the new design in the cavity making the face 17% thinner than the previous X-forged iron.


apex-pro-9The polymer insert added will help eliminate vibration whilst maintaining the forgiveness and the soft forged feel that the golfer requires and expects for this type of iron. Callaway as with the standard Apex have added some tungsten weighing in the longer irons to lower the COG a little than more than the previous models to give the golfer a higher launching ball flight in the longer irons, yet have still maintained the higher COG in the short irons to launch the ball a little lower. Callaway  have also changed the grooves slightly from the X-forged giving more consistency from the rough than the X-forged which had been a gripe with some of the tour players of the X-forged, often complaining the old grooves tended to spin the ball too much and launch the ball too low than wanted.



For the Shaft nuts out there the Callaway Apex pro irons are offered with the KBS tour V shafts which are a mid launching low spinning, low torque shaft and were previously known as the Mickleson prototypes to some. Are these irons a vast improvement from last year’s model the X-forged?…..just!  If you’re looking for a big jump from X-forged in these then I’m afraid you’ll be left wanting these are an improvement but the X-forged iron was in my opinion one of the best irons in its category so Callaway were going to be hard pushed to beat them.  Even as a X-forged iron player myself  chances are I will be putting the Apex Pro irons straight in my bag and there is a high probability that I combine these with the standard apex in the 5 4 & 3 irons.


If you require a premium forged iron then the Callaway Apex pro irons are ones to look to add to the “must try” list, however if you’re a middle of the road golfer hoping Callaway have brought out an iron that looks like a blade and plays like a big bertha then look towards the Apex irons instead.