Callaway X2 Hot Driver

Callaway X2 Hot Driver


After last years X-hot driver being the most successful driver in the Callaway line up, I was a little unsure of what they were going to produce or change to add to the already great performance of the X-Hot. However the X-Hot wasn’t without fault. The main issues I had with the X-Hot were it wasn’t that appealing to look at, the 460cc head and grey crown could be excused for looking a little dull in comparison to the other flashy looking drivers it was competing against. The Callaway X-Hot performed well against the other drivers for 2013 and certainly within our shop was by far the most popular selling driver of 2013. So how does the new kid on the block compare?

x2 hot face








The new Callaway X2 Hot Driver model still comes with a 460cc head and yes it’s still grey but its side burns have been increased in thickness in the form of some sleek looking graphics on the perimeter of the crown and the head shape has been changed very slightly to the more traditional pear shape again adding to the better aesthetics that I think the X-Hot didn’t have. The Callaway X2 Hot driver has had a little face lift and the new hyper speed face has been made a little (4%) bigger giving you an extra 1.5MPH. This combined with the 10% bigger sweet spot means the guys who miss the centre more than they hit it have a fighting chance of retaining some distance with off centre hits.

Trackman Data & Video Review Below

Apart from the slightly larger hitting area, the Callaway X2 Hot driver has the new OptiFit hosel that allows the golfer to adjust the loft from -1 degree to + 2 degrees and it also gives the golfer the ability to change the lie from either Standard or Draw setting. The driver will be available in 3 loft options 9, 10.5 and 13.5 and from there the golfer can adjust if required via the hosel setting. With the type of golfer this driver is punted at there is the standard draw bias in the head which as you increase the loft, the bias will also increase, the draw bias is not as much as last years X-Hot but remember you can change the setting to draw on the Opti-Fit hosel giving you more draw bias if needed.display-driver3







For the shaft geeks the Callaway X2 Hot driver comes with the Aldila Tour blue 55 in all three flexes (light, reg & Stiff). The regular tour blue weighs 58 grams in reg & stiff and is a mid torque and has a mid-low kick point. The tour blue has a slightly softer tip than the Tour Green and is for the player who needs a little bit of a higher launch but still wants to moderate their spin. Whereas the Aldila Tour Green weights 67 grams in stiff, a stiffer tip,  lower torque and has a mid-high kick point which would suit the golfer who hits it hard or someone who needs to knock down the spin a little more and would suit the X2 Hot Pro customer for sure. There are obviously the custom options to pick from too which I am still waiting on but I’m sure it will be the usual suspects on offer.

The Callaway X2 Hot pro version I have not yet tried but when I do I will write a full review on its own. The basics of the big brother of the Callaway X2 Hot driver is that the X2 Hot Pro head size will be the slightly smaller 440CC head with a neutral bias in the head and will be a lower spinning driver, offering the player market a lower, more workable & penetrating ball flight that many require.









After hitting the Callaway X2 Hot driver I was mightily impressed. Although the shaft I was using during testing was not suited to me, the dispersion was still good and there was certainly no great loss in ball speed with off centre hits. This driver will not make the X-Hot owners feel inferior and wishing they had held on 6 months because what they have is still really a good product and it is not far behind on performance. However, the Callaway X2 Hot is better: it’s better looking, better feeling, better ball speeds (just) and is more forgiving so my advice is to seriously consider this driver and test it out for yourselves. I think you will really enjoy and be impressed with the Callaway X2-Hot driver for 2014.