Lock down week two (part 2)

House arrest part 2

I’m sitting down and starting to relax again from a rather mild day with home schooling, we did the Joe wicks kids workout (not sure which kids its aimed at, as I cant complete half of it) bit of home work which actually went quite well! I’ve rekindled my childhood love for building Lego and only snapped and the kids once, but to be fair they were messing up my Lego rocket!

Back running again which is a much needed distraction from all the doom  and gloom that’s about. Anyway, enough of the rambling, I’d love to write all the exciting things that’s been going on but lets be honest apart from home schooling, exercise and alcohol my life at present doesn’t consist of much.

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Starting week two of house arrest

The start of our second week in isolation and if you’re anything like me the first week was a bit of a struggle. Ive spent most of my working life outdoors, I interact with numerous different people each day and pretty much have verbal diarrhoea 9 hours a day. Well not so much this last week, apart from barking at the kids for fighting and not doing the home schooling work we’ve set out, I’ve not really had much to say.

So with the culture shock over and now pretty much used to being at home all day everyday, apart from our daily family walk (sounds more fun than it is, trying to stop a 4 year old on her bike diving into the road, trying to keep up with her brother is bloody stressful) I’m going to start this week with a plan, a plan to work as much as I can and to stay healthy both mentally and physically. I’ve had a workout most days just to pass the time but quite honestly I’m winging it most of the time. So this week I’m going to plan my time and try and have some structure to each day to keep me focused on what I need to do. read more »

Isolation and missing golf

So here we are on our first full week of isolation, not sure about you but I’m finding it very hard. The simple things we take for granted day to day I am missing so much, the 50 min car journey to work that I wish could be 5 mins, I am now longing for to have some peace and quiet to let my mind shut down for a bit.

The looking down the first fairway excited yet apprehensive about how I am going to play, but who cares right? I’m doing something I love! Well it’s times like these which make you look at things with a different set of emotions.

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