Cobra Bio Cell Pro Driver

Bio Cell Pro Driver

The Bio Cell Pro is the latest addition to the Cobra family of drivers has been released and I have been given one of the first chances to measure and review it during a sunny may morning on the Trackman..

So whats it all about ?


The Bio Cell Pro driver head size is still a 440cc compact design and has been developed from the feedback from the tour players like Poulter & Fowler . The cobra blurb is that the Bio Cell Pro driver has the lowest CG out of all of Cobras driver range and with the forged E9 Bio Cell face, Smart pad technology helping deliver a square face at address. The E9 face technology removes weight from the face and re-positions it low and back to effectively increase sweet spot size and delivering extreme distance.

There are 8 loft settings that allows you the golfer to fine tune the head to deliver the maximum distance to suit your swing through Cobras MyFly8 Technology. There is no option for a draw setting in the Bio Cell Pro driver but allows you to have lofts from 7 – 10 degrees and fade settings in lofts 7.5 / 8.5 / 9.5


The Bio Cell Pro comes at 45″ rather than the 45.25″ in the Bio Cell+ and the 45.75″ in the standard Bio Cell. Standard stock shaft is the Matrix Red Tie (Reg 60g, Stiff 62g & X flex 64g) the Matrix shaft is a mid torque high kick point shaft which aids to the design and want to launch the ball high and low spinning (more info on the Matrix shaft )












Thoughts –

This is yet again a wonderful product from Cobra Golf, the full Titanium head looks far better than the not so good looking two color of the Bio Cell+ but as I said in the Bio Cell+ Review looks aside it was a great performing diver, so I was eager to try the Bio Cell Pro to see if there was any improvement other than looks……… Simply put YES! the Cobra Bio Cell Pro is up there with the best thing I have been able to try. Forgiveness is still up there but the distance was the most notable thing. For those of you who have followed the previous driver reviews my numbers are always around the same carry distances, well with the new Bio Cell Pro I found there was a noticeable distance increase and the feel and forgiveness was up there with the best.

The Bio Cell Pro driver is an absolute must try for the better player market, its looks are still not as nice as others out there, but the performance and distances out way any sort of reservations I may have on the looks. Cobra were asked by the tour players to produce a better driver than the Bio Cell+ driver for the tour and in my honest opinion they have well and truly succeeded, in fact for the small amount of testing I had chance to do with it I’d say they have produced one of the best drivers on tour.

Nike Covert VRS 2.0 & Forged Iron Review

Nike Covert VRS 2.0 Forged Irons

The new Nike covert  VRS 2.0  Forged irons are now out and we were very interested to see what the forged VRS was like. Like last years product range, the 2014 range comes with an intermediate iron which is both forgiving and forged. The market seems to be calling for the forged irons to be available to the mid handicap range. I was particularly taken with the Callaway Apex which is of similar ilk in the game improvement iron category.nike_VRSCOVERTforgedirons

So what’s the Nike Covert VRS 2.0 Forged iron all about? Nike are still using the NexCOR face design which in their words delivers higher ball speeds on both centre and off centre hits. The head design has a lower, deeper centre of gravity helping produce both longer and straighter shots.  Nike’s focus was improving distance and forgiveness with the VRS forged irons to appeal to a broader market, giving the golfer who wants a forged feeling iron with the characteristics of a cast low COG forgiving iron. This being Nike’s first time of adding the NexCor high speed face design in a forged iron and the feel and ball speeds are really quite impressive. The performance of the Nike Covert 2.0 VRS forged irons have been further enhanced with balanced perimeter weighting via the deep cavity design.

Verdict –

The Nike Covert VRS 2.0 forged irons feel lovely; the ball speeds are very good on both centre and off centre hits.  Looks wise these are not for me – a little bulky for my eye but don’t let that stop you trying these out. The Nike Covert VRS 2.0 forged irons are going to be the one to watch this season. They have everything the intermediate golfer would want feel, forgiveness and for most, the looks are pretty good too. I like them for what they are and think they might even give the Taylormade Speedblades  a run for their money and those were pretty long!

Nike VRS Covert 2.0 Irons

The Nike Covert VRS 2.0 irons are the big brother to the Covert 2.0 forged iron, aimed at the higher handicapped golfer who’s looking for a little more forgiveness and high ball speeds. Although the looks of the Covert VRS 2.0 irons are not the greatest, my complaints about this iron stop there. The performance of the deep undercut high speed cavity back,  hit the ball higher and straighter than last years model, combined with Nike’s NexCOR face design the ball speeds are very impressive no matter where you hit it on the face. VRS-Covert-Iron

Nike’s Blurb on the Covert VRS 2.0 irons

– x3x groove technology, grooves that are closers together and deeper giving the golfer maximum spin and ball flight

– Thinner no weld sole promotes greater distance and accuracy

– Deep cavity design features lower, deeper COG, added perimeter weighting to deliver longer, higher and straighter shots.

– NexCOR face design, the advance head construction incorporates variable face thickness which will deliver fast ball speeds.

Verdict –

The Nike Covert VRS 2.0 irons are great. They deliver what Nike says they will and apart from the looks of the bulky heads I can’t fault these irons. Although I was a little surprised to find the VRS 2.0 Forged irons a little longer it was minimal the difference between the two. We have to remember these irons were not designed for professionals and low amateurs. The Covert VRS 2.0 irons are designed with the game improvement golfer in mind. If you don’t mind the bulky looking heads, the high launching, forgiving and fast ball speed characteristics these irons have are the traits that every golfer will want,  so these need to be high on the list of irons of must try in 2014.

Callaway Big Bertha Alpha Driver

Big Bertha Alpha Driver Review 

The Callaway Big Bertha Alpha driver has hit the shelves. This year has to be one of the most exciting years when it comes to new products being launched and the Callaway Big Bertha Alpha driver is at the top of the pile of drivers people have been looking forward to trying. The Callaway Big Bertha Alpha driver is the first to incorporate a moveable weight system which is positioned in the middle of the head the “Gravity Core” as it’s known has, on one end, weighs 12 grams and the rest of the of the core weighs another 1.5 grams. By flipping the core round in its carbon fibre tube in the centre of the head, it enables the player to insert the heavy end up or down in the tube, moving the heads centre of gravity up or down in the head.  The gravity core allows you to independently adjust the spin without changing the launch angle, so you can set the Callaway Big Bertha Alpha driver up to completely optimise a players launch conditions. read more »

Nike Covert 2.0 VRS &Tour Driver Review

Nike Covert 2.0 VRS & Tour Drivers

The release of the new Nike Covert 2.0 driver has come. With Rory playing well in the desert this week we thought it only right to give you guys our opinion and test results from the new Nike Covert 2.0 VRS & Tour drivers.

The Nike Covert VRS 2.0 Driver

The Nike Covert 2.0 VRS drivers don’t look any different from the top compared to the previous Covert model, but underneath the bonnet there is some changes. According to Nike the new Fly-Brace cavity technology increases the energy transfer which will increase ball speeds and give the player more forgiveness on off centre hits. The redistribution of the weight to the toe and heel of the driver is where the increase of ball speed & stability comes from, so the player can gain extra distance and improved accuracy over the 2013 Covert driver. read more »

Callaway Apex Pro Irons

The Callaway Apex Pro Iron Review

The eagerly anticipated launch of the Callaway Apex Pro irons is nearly here, the low handicap players and professionals will love this new iron. As with most players irons they are not big, bulky and the longest in distance, golfers who would be using these irons don’t need distance, these irons are built for looks feel and workability. The short bladed, narrow soled irons have a small amount of off-set giving the player the ability to work the ball freely without fighting against a low COG or big off-set of the traditional improvement irons that would appeal to most. The Callaway Apex Pro irons are very similar looking to the previous model the X-forged when looked down at them but the looks stop there. The Callaway Blurb on the irons is that they have not only added the lower COG in the longer irons making them more forgiving, they have slightly increasing ball speed with the new design in the cavity making the face 17% thinner than the previous X-forged iron. read more »

Callaway Apex Irons Review

Callaway Apex Irons Review

Some of Callaway’s latest irons hit the shelves early December, one of which was the very sleek and smooth looking Callaway Apex irons. The Apex irons are aimed at those who want a forged iron but still require the power, forgiveness, consistency and feel that a cast iron just doesn’t quite give (although there are some coming out that I thought were very close) Recently I was able to test the irons with our trusty orange box Trackman in the background collecting some data for us, the video of my thoughts on the data and performance are attached later in the blog.

What’s it like? read more »

Callaway X2 Hot Driver

Callaway X2 Hot Driver


After last years X-hot driver being the most successful driver in the Callaway line up, I was a little unsure of what they were going to produce or change to add to the already great performance of the X-Hot. However the X-Hot wasn’t without fault. The main issues I had with the X-Hot were it wasn’t that appealing to look at, the 460cc head and grey crown could be excused for looking a little dull in comparison to the other flashy looking drivers it was competing against. The Callaway X-Hot performed well against the other drivers for 2013 and certainly within our shop was by far the most popular selling driver of 2013. So how does the new kid on the block compare?

read more »

Taylormade SLDR Driver Review

The Taylormade SLDR Driver was a mid season launched driver that came as no surprise to anyone who has followed Taylormade’s products over the years, renowned for bringing out new product not long after the launch of the previous club. However in my opinion this was needed as the R1 driver was not good and for the masses far too low spinning and unforgiving.

Having wanted a R1 myself I was very keen when it was launched only to be disappointed very quickly . The looks were smooth, cool and stood out from the rest, that was pretty much were my love for the R1 ended, I found the feel dull and the flight too low spinning and very unforgiving, no matter what shaft I put in, it was not what I’d have expected from a Taylormade product. This unfortunately was the case for not just me, through the custom fitting I have done over the past 12 months I have seen the same reaction from customers trying out the R1, Too low spinning and on off centre hits some really horrible unforgiving flights were observed. So with this in mind I was not surprised to see the new SLDR driver launched not long after the R1’s flop, So how did if fare?

read more »

Taylormade Speed blade Review

The Taylormade Speed blade Irons

Well its that time of year again where we start to see new irons hitting the markets, and in true Taylormade fashion they have hit first with the new Taylormade Speed blade. From the previous model the RocketBladez they are going to be hard pushed to make a better iron when it comes to distance and performance, although there was a lot left to be desired when it came to the looks of the Rocketbladez. The rocketbladez & Rocketbladez Tour were the most used irons on the professional tour’s Taylormade had ever produced, so a telling sign of just how good these irons are is to see how many on the PGA Tour and European Tour pro’s make the switch in the coming months.

So what’s new? read more »

Customer Review – Custom Fitting


So I did it!!! I finally went for a club custom fitting. On the agenda, was an afternoon of testing drivers and irons with Head Professional Tom Motley from MotleyGolf based at South Cerney Golf Club, Gloucestershire.


To give you a little background about myself. I’m 33 years old and been playing for roughly 3 years. I have worked my way to a 7.8 handicap with the help and support of a fantastic coach and have started shooting in the mid-70s on a regular basis. After a year or more of experimenting with different options, spending silly amounts of money on club purchases via eBay and the local golf superstores, I finally decided to remove all doubts and seek help from a professional. read more »

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