Callaway Apex Pro Irons

The Callaway Apex Pro Iron Review

The eagerly anticipated launch of the Callaway Apex Pro irons is nearly here, the low handicap players and professionals will love this new iron. As with most players irons they are not big, bulky and the longest in distance, golfers who would be using these irons don’t need distance, these irons are built for looks feel and workability. The short bladed, narrow soled irons have a small amount of off-set giving the player the ability to work the ball freely without fighting against a low COG or big off-set of the traditional improvement irons that would appeal to most. The Callaway Apex Pro irons are very similar looking to the previous model the X-forged when looked down at them but the looks stop there. The Callaway Blurb on the irons is that they have not only added the lower COG in the longer irons making them more forgiving, they have slightly increasing ball speed with the new design in the cavity making the face 17% thinner than the previous X-forged iron. read more »

Callaway Apex Irons Review

Callaway Apex Irons Review

Some of Callaway’s latest irons hit the shelves early December, one of which was the very sleek and smooth looking Callaway Apex irons. The Apex irons are aimed at those who want a forged iron but still require the power, forgiveness, consistency and feel that a cast iron just doesn’t quite give (although there are some coming out that I thought were very close) Recently I was able to test the irons with our trusty orange box Trackman in the background collecting some data for us, the video of my thoughts on the data and performance are attached later in the blog.

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Callaway X2 Hot Driver

Callaway X2 Hot Driver


After last years X-hot driver being the most successful driver in the Callaway line up, I was a little unsure of what they were going to produce or change to add to the already great performance of the X-Hot. However the X-Hot wasn’t without fault. The main issues I had with the X-Hot were it wasn’t that appealing to look at, the 460cc head and grey crown could be excused for looking a little dull in comparison to the other flashy looking drivers it was competing against. The Callaway X-Hot performed well against the other drivers for 2013 and certainly within our shop was by far the most popular selling driver of 2013. So how does the new kid on the block compare?

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Are You Better Than You Think?

The Reality Of Your Golf

I spend a lot of time talking with club golfers and one thing stands out when it comes to assessing their games and expectations: most tend to think that they need to hit the ball closer, further and hole more putts than they actually should be for their ability levels. By this I don’t mean they are not capable of achieving better things with their golf but I see it and hear it too often where a 15 handicapper is chuntering up the fairway because they hit it to 30ft from 150 yards away expecting to hit it to 10 ft or closer every time. The reality is that even the best players in the world on the PGA tours and European tours don’t stick it to 10ft every time and you shouldn’t be expecting to or be measuring yourselves against the guys who are the best in the world. Understand what the golfers of your handicap standard do on average and measure yourselves against them not Tiger, Rory and the rest of the world’s top ten. read more »

Taylormade SLDR Driver Review

The Taylormade SLDR Driver was a mid season launched driver that came as no surprise to anyone who has followed Taylormade’s products over the years, renowned for bringing out new product not long after the launch of the previous club. However in my opinion this was needed as the R1 driver was not good and for the masses far too low spinning and unforgiving.

Having wanted a R1 myself I was very keen when it was launched only to be disappointed very quickly . The looks were smooth, cool and stood out from the rest, that was pretty much were my love for the R1 ended, I found the feel dull and the flight too low spinning and very unforgiving, no matter what shaft I put in, it was not what I’d have expected from a Taylormade product. This unfortunately was the case for not just me, through the custom fitting I have done over the past 12 months I have seen the same reaction from customers trying out the R1, Too low spinning and on off centre hits some really horrible unforgiving flights were observed. So with this in mind I was not surprised to see the new SLDR driver launched not long after the R1’s flop, So how did if fare?

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Golf and Lower Back Injury

Golf can be played and appreciated regardless of age, gender, or athletic ability, with the World Golf Foundation expecting there to be 55 million participants by the year 2020. However, many golfers do not understand the risk that golf poses to body and in particular the lower back, through the repetitive and cumulative nature of the game. The potential for lower back injury is often exacerbated by playing without warming up and stretching, and focussing unnecessarily on power and distance.

The golf swing is a complicated action with intrinsic and extrinsic factors affecting our ability to hit the ball with power and accuracy. It is this complexity, coupled with the tremendous amount of generated force and the repetitive nature of the golf swing that have been identified as major risk factors for low back disorders. Low back injury is one of the most common golf-related symptoms, representing up to 52% of all golf related complaints. During the golf swing the lower back is exposed to significant compression, shearing, torsion and side-to-side bending forces. It is interesting to know that the peak compressive loads experienced by the lower back during the golf swing have been shown to be 8-times bodyweight.

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Taylormade Speed blade Review

The Taylormade Speed blade Irons

Well its that time of year again where we start to see new irons hitting the markets, and in true Taylormade fashion they have hit first with the new Taylormade Speed blade. From the previous model the RocketBladez they are going to be hard pushed to make a better iron when it comes to distance and performance, although there was a lot left to be desired when it came to the looks of the Rocketbladez. The rocketbladez & Rocketbladez Tour were the most used irons on the professional tour’s Taylormade had ever produced, so a telling sign of just how good these irons are is to see how many on the PGA Tour and European Tour pro’s make the switch in the coming months.

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Stages Of Learning

We can become a little frustrated with our golf games, seek instruction and find great value in the session by seeing results and feel the flow of confidence coming back into our games, only to find a few days later all those good feelings and that improvement seems to have left us somewhere along the line. The finger of blame usually will point towards the lesson no longer working or it being to difficult to make the change rather than persist in continuing on with the lesson drills and swing feels. The simple matter of fact is that it takes time and effort to making improvements and anyone who thinks there is a short cut to progress will be left wanting.
This leads me to talk about the three phases of learning that we go through in order to learn a new movement or skill. We all want to get better, if we didn’t we wouldn’t be taking lesson’s or spending the time we do on the range, so I think it only right that we give ourselves chance to create a sustained improvement rather than the band aid fix that will only work for a few days.


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Customer Review – Custom Fitting


So I did it!!! I finally went for a club custom fitting. On the agenda, was an afternoon of testing drivers and irons with Head Professional Tom Motley from MotleyGolf based at South Cerney Golf Club, Gloucestershire.


To give you a little background about myself. I’m 33 years old and been playing for roughly 3 years. I have worked my way to a 7.8 handicap with the help and support of a fantastic coach and have started shooting in the mid-70s on a regular basis. After a year or more of experimenting with different options, spending silly amounts of money on club purchases via eBay and the local golf superstores, I finally decided to remove all doubts and seek help from a professional. read more »

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