Cobra Bio Cell Driver Review

Cobra Bio Cell Driver Review

The Cobra Bio Cell driver is not for the faint hearted, as for the past few years Cobra has not been shy in getting attention with the colour schemes of their product. The new Bio Cell driver is no different, available in red, blue, orange, silver and black. Cobra are hoping that the paint job is not the only talking point about the Bio cell line of woods. I’m sure the consumer will want more than just a pretty looking driver.

Techie Talk

According to the reports the bio cell is longer than Cobras previous model the AMP. I have to be completely honest I’ve only hit the AMP once and was thoroughly unimpressed both aesthetically and performance wise. The guys at Cobra claim that by lowering the COG by about 50% which makes the new model launch the ball around 1.2 degrees higher with 300rpm less spin. The bio cell’s performance features are made possible by the design of the weight saving crown which is a fraction thinner than the previous model the AMP and the thinner Bio cell face design. The 4 grams of discretionary weight has been moved lower and further back in the head to increase the launch with the thinner Bio Cell face design giving better performance of off centre hits.

The Cobra Bio cell driver comes with Cobra’s new MyFly8 hosel for adjustability of loft & draw bias, you can choose from 9.5, 10.5, 11.5 and 12 degrees along with the D option which will make the club more upright giving a draw bias to the club. The great thing about the MyFly8 hosel is that the face orientation is not offensive. At 9.5 degrees the face will sit around 0.5 degrees open and with the 12 degree setting the face is set at 0.75 degrees closed.


So with the techie stuff out the way what do I think? The biggest thing that stands out for this driver is looks& distance;  the younger market will absolutely love the colours but for me it only looks good in black! I’m not sold on flashy brightly coloured heads like Poulter & Fowler, I prefer a more traditional colour which thankfully you have the option of. The performance of the Cobra bio cell was great, I found the off centre strikes to be forgiving and although for me I launched it quite high the distance was still there. For the golfer who needs a little more help increasing their launch then this maybe an option to test for sure, the overall distance and performance of the driver was good and certainly a good performer.

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This driver is going to appeal the a certain market, I don’t foresee the red, blue & orange head colors being in too many over 50’s bags this season, however it will appeal to some. There is however, more to the Cobra Bio cell driver than just the flashy colours but I fear that many will bypass this product because of its rather garish colour options rather than taking out for testing. The Bio cell performance on off centre hits is great and its long enough to challenge the likes of the Callaway X2 hot, Taylormade Jetspeed and the other new kids on the block for 2014, however for me personally its not my cup of tea but dont let that sway you, as this is still a great product and as I’ve mentioned before, its long and for  the golfer who needs to increase their launch this driver is well worth a go.