Customer Review – Custom Fitting


So I did it!!! I finally went for a club custom fitting. On the agenda, was an afternoon of testing drivers and irons with Head Professional Tom Motley from MotleyGolf based at South Cerney Golf Club, Gloucestershire.


To give you a little background about myself. I’m 33 years old and been playing for roughly 3 years. I have worked my way to a 7.8 handicap with the help and support of a fantastic coach and have started shooting in the mid-70s on a regular basis. After a year or more of experimenting with different options, spending silly amounts of money on club purchases via eBay and the local golf superstores, I finally decided to remove all doubts and seek help from a professional.

Having never been custom fitted before, I always had preconceived ideas about what clubs I should be using. Reading magazine and website articles hasn’t helped me either. Finding the perfect fit might not be as simple as selecting the most expensive club on the shelf, or having a weekend golf buddy analyse your swing.

My custom fitting started with a full bag evaluation. Tom suggested I try some more forgiving clubs since I had been using blades for well over a year, which was making my life difficult – which I knew but didn’t want to admit.
We broke the afternoon up into two halves with Tom using his Trackman ( to evaluate my swings and provide the necessary feedback.


I tested all latest driver offerings from Callaway, Taylormade, Nike and more. I found that whilst I thought the Taylormade R1 and RBZ Stage 2 was something I really wanted to like. Hitting them proved very different. The same went for the Callaway X Hot and Extreme Fit, In the past, I would (in time) have probably purchased all of these before selling them on.

A dark horse in the form the Nike Covert finally won the day. Based on the pictures and videos I had seen I did not know if I would like it or not. The deep dark red crown was not something I thought I’d like but as soon as I put the club down next to the ball I was very surprised of how “normal” it looked, it screamed class. The tour and the non-tour version of the Nike Covert looked great at set up. The colour was not distracting at all and we all know about that swoosh on the crown right?

The feel was amazing. The face felt super hot even on miss-hits and you really feel the ball shoot off the face at impact with a nice soft feel. The feeling of this driver was like hitting the sweet spot of a Japanese forged iron.

As for performance, compared to my current Titleist 910D3 driver I gained about 17 extra yards, had about 400 RPM less spin and picked up a little bit of club head speed. Switching for me was not an option! Nike has a real winner with their new Covert drivers and after people get a chance to hit them, they will start buying.


Like the drivers, I tried all the latest offerings from Callaway, Taylormade, Nike and more. But the stand out irons of the day without a doubt were the Callaway X Hot Pro irons. My spread with these were minimal. Like the Taylormade Rocketbladez these irons come with

At address these are aesthetically stunning. Very clean, very streamlined, yet they offer a tremendous amount of confidence while standing over the golf ball. The cavity has a modern look to them and the use of the chrome bar to house the text “PRO” just sets the entire package off.

I also have to mention the stock shaft when it comes to these clubs. Callaway chose a new offering from Project X line up as the stock shaft in the form of the PX95. Just like the standard PX’s you’re familiar with these are step-less  which in my opinion is just hard to beat when it comes to looks and performance departments. The PXi shaft is also available at an upgrade but without the up-charge.


So the whole point of this is…

I highly recommend going to MotleyGolf for a club custom fitting, they are very thorough, professional and most of all friendly. They don’t put pressure on you to buy and you can try any club that they have in the South Cerney store to make sure you get the right fit.

So my Callaway X Hot Pro irons and Nike Covert Driver arrived two weeks ago and in my first two rounds with the new clubs this weekend I shot 79 and 70 (gross), which makes it my first level par round ever.