Understanding Your Game

Do you know your strengths weaknesses?

I was recently asked to hold a golf skills assessments session with a player from outside the county, He has always kept his basic stats of fairways, greens & putts but when questioned about his strengths within his game the answers got more and more vague. Basic stats are good but they dont give a true picture of your game that you need to know,  assess and focus in on particular aspects of your game that need improvement, also which aspect have improved from the work you have put in. When we looked at his stats the picture was not clear exactly what aspects we needed to work on and where exactly within his game overall the biggest weaknesses were. We went through a Trackman combine  skills assessment which assesses your driving down to pitching yardages and gave us an overall score with a broken down score in each yardage assessed, from this we had a clearer picture of where “some” of his weaknesses lie. We are due to go through his short game and putting in two weeks time and we will start to map out a plan for 2014 for him.

Do you have a golf skills assessments ever?

Many club golfers have a enthusiasm, commitment and determination to improve, but many lack the focus and understanding of how to improve. As a golf coach not just a swing coach it amazes me how little I am asked about helping people develop their game rather than just their Swing. Now I’m not suggesting for one second that improving your swing is not important because it is, but if you cant use that improvement in your swing to develop your game, then I fear that improvement in your score’s you work so hard for is going to be a slower and longer process.

So what do I suggest?

Go through your golf game, assess & breaking down areas of your game into specific blocks, measuring performance and continually reassessing and measuring your progress, you’ll start to see the fruits of your labor. Goal setting is usually an easy place to start to help you focus on developing your game, however you need to set out a road map of what is needed to help you achieve your goals. Give yourself 5 areas in your game to focus in on that will help you achieve that goal,  think beyond just the basic stats, go deeper into them. If your goal is to reduce your handicap by 4 strokes, you need to understand what needs improving to help you take that step, Whats letting you down? which area is going to make the biggest difference to your game?

– Fairways missed yardage
– Driving Distance
– Danger Zone play 175-225 yards
– Safe zone play 125 -175 yards
– Birdie zone play 75 – 125 yards
– Scoring zone play 20 – 75 yards
– Short game play 0 -20 yards
– 3 putt avoidance
– Putting 25ft +
– Putting 15 – 25ft
– Putting 10 – 15ft
– Putting 5 -10ft
– Putting 5ft
– Putting 3ft
– Mental approach
– Course Management
– Preparation
– Fitness

The list can be what you want but make sure your specific and can measure it.

You can see when we break down the game into small parts we can start to see a slightly different view than just the standard stats will show. Focus in on your weakest aspects of your WHOLE game pick 3-5 of them and each month work on those specific areas, speak to your coach, work on technique, assess,  re-assess and measure your progress with a regular golf skills assessment, don’t worry about what the PGA Tour guys do, focus in on you and measure against your averages. With good understanding of your own game, a clear road map to progression and commitment to succeed i’m sure your 2014 golf season will be a success.