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Bring out the junior in your golf

When I look back to my junior days, there were a bunch of us around the same age who all progressed at slightly different speeds by the age of 14-15 most were low single figure golfers and a couple down around 1 & 2 Hcp we all had some level of coaching from time to time. Looking back i think the group of juniors at my club were the biggest influences on what my strengths were as a junior some were clear to see. Until the age of about 15 I was about 5’5” and mildly rotund, I couldn’t hit very far in comparison to my friends who grew a lot quicker than me. My biggest strengths were short game and pitching. From 75 yards in I was on a level playing field against junior and adult golfers and without blowing my own trumpet (unlike me I know) I would smash them out the park on most occasions. read more »

Why Cant I take it to the course?

Below is a great article written by TrackMan Master Patricia Baxter-Johnson from the Trackman blog page (   Worth your time to read the full article to take in just why golfer struggle to take their practice & swing improvements to the course   “Why can’t I take this to the golf course?” is one of the most common questions and complaints in golf. Why can I do this on the range, but not on the golf course? Why is golf so hard, especially in the area of consistency? Amateurs are also led to believe that the magic golf tip a simple mechanical swing key or thought is the secret to real game improvement. The realistic answer, however, is that they don’t know how to take and practice the knowledge of striking the ball well and turn it into a habit that they can transfer to the golf more »

SAM Puttlab What is it?

Precise analysis of your strokes The results of the putting strokes registered with the SAM PuttLab are displayed in concise graphic reports. A variety of graphic reports are delivered with the system. Each of the 28 parameters measured can be included into the clearly presented data display. The following graphic reports are provided by SAM PuttLab: Training reports:read more »

Cobra Bio Cell Pro Driver

Bio Cell Pro Driver The Bio Cell Pro is the latest addition to the Cobra family of drivers has been released and I have been given one of the first chances to measure and review it during a sunny may morning on the Trackman.. So whats it all about ? Screen-Shot-2014-04-28-at-2.32.07-PM The Bio Cell Pro driver head size is still a 440cc compact design and has been developed from the feedback from the tour players like Poulter & Fowler . The cobra blurb is that the Bio Cell Pro driver has the lowest CG out of all of Cobras driver range and with the forged E9 Bio Cell face, Smart pad technology helping deliver a square face at address. The E9 face technology removes weight from the face and re-positions it low and back to effectively increase sweet spot size and delivering extreme distance. There are 8 loft settings that allows you the golfer to fine tune the head to deliver the maximum distance to suit your swing through Cobras MyFly8 Technology. There is no option for a draw setting in the Bio Cell Pro driver but allows you to have lofts from 7 - 10 degrees and fade settings in lofts 7.5 / 8.5 / 9.5 bcpd-shaft-wide The Bio Cell Pro comes at 45" rather than the 45.25" in the Bio Cell+ and the 45.75" in the standard Bio Cell. Standard stock shaft is the Matrix Red Tie (Reg 60g, Stiff 62g & X flex 64g) the Matrix shaft is a mid torque high kick point shaft which aids to the design and want to launch the ball high and low spinning (more info on the Matrix shaft ) bio-cell-pro-drv-org2_2                     Thoughts - This is yet again a wonderful product from Cobra Golf, the full Titanium head looks far better than the not so good looking two color of the Bio Cell+ but as I said in the Bio Cell+ Review looks aside it was a great performing diver, so I was eager to try the Bio Cell Pro to see if there was any improvement other than looks......... Simply put YES! the Cobra Bio Cell Pro is up there with the best thing I have been able to try. Forgiveness is still up there but the distance was the most notable thing. For those of you who have followed the previous driver reviews my numbers are always around the same carry distances, well with the new Bio Cell Pro I found there was a noticeable distance increase and the feel and forgiveness was up there with the best. The Bio Cell Pro driver is an absolute must try for the better player market, its looks are still not as nice as others out there, but the performance and distances out way any sort of reservations I may have on the looks. Cobra were asked by the tour players to produce a better driver than the Bio Cell+ driver for the tour and in my honest opinion they have well and truly succeeded, in fact for the small amount of testing I had chance to do with it I'd say they have produced one of the best drivers on more »

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