Lock down week two (part 2)

House arrest part 2

I’m sitting down and starting to relax again from a rather mild day with home schooling, we did the Joe wicks kids workout (not sure which kids its aimed at, as I cant complete half of it) bit of home work which actually went quite well! I’ve rekindled my childhood love for building Lego and only snapped and the kids once, but to be fair they were messing up my Lego rocket!

Back running again which is a much needed distraction from all the doom  and gloom that’s about. Anyway, enough of the rambling, I’d love to write all the exciting things that’s been going on but lets be honest apart from home schooling, exercise and alcohol my life at present doesn’t consist of much.


In the previous post I set some really simple posture drills to get you at least thinking about golf and putting whatever work you can into your game. Posture, quite often, is something that is taught early in the initial sessions of a new golfer, but taken for granted beyond those early sessions. For me, it’s the first place I look, how your body and joints are orientated at address, has a huge impact on how you move from there. A simple change in orientation of the neck can change how you move in the back-swing completely.

With modern life spent mainly sat at desks and driving, our muscular and skeletal health in a lot of cases is pretty poor. Don’t mistake that for being unfit, I just see a huge amount of muscular imbalances caused by many different things. However, I feel one of the main one’s for the recreational golfer is that they’re sitting at the desk for on average 20-30 hours a week, add in the driving time we are on those seats a large proportion of our weeks. I’m not an expert on physiology so I’m not going to advise anything, but, if you’re getting neck/back/shoulder pain then I’d suggest you take a look and your day-to-day environment and pay particular attention to how you sit, drive or even just how you stand. 

Drill 2

With that in mind the second half of this weeks work is as follows:

  1. Repeat gaining good posture – squat 2” tilt front he pelvis maintaining good connection of the scaps to the torso (minimal rounding of the shoulders)
  2. Place your hands across the chest 
  3. Drop the lead foot back 
  4. Stabilise the pelvis 

Rotate into the backswing – repeat this for 30 seconds then swap the feet round and drop the trail foot back and rotate into the follow through, keep doing this for 5-10 mins 2 -3 times a day.

I like to do this in front of a mirror to check in on how I’m moving and if I’m compensating more one side or the other. 

Drill vid

That’ll do for now. See how you get on and feel free to report back to me or send in your videgos for me to give feedback. Until next week, I’ll leave you with some very worthwhile info……… Marks and Spencer’s garages are very well stocked with premium lager and some half decent red wines if you’re running low. 

Until next time.