Taylormade Speed blade Review

The Taylormade Speed blade Irons

Well its that time of year again where we start to see new irons hitting the markets, and in true Taylormade fashion they have hit first with the new Taylormade Speed blade. From the previous model the RocketBladez they are going to be hard pushed to make a better iron when it comes to distance and performance, although there was a lot left to be desired when it came to the looks of the Rocketbladez. The rocketbladez & Rocketbladez Tour were the most used irons on the professional tour’s Taylormade had ever produced, so a telling sign of just how good these irons are is to see how many on the PGA Tour and European Tour pro’s make the switch in the coming months.

So what’s new?

The Taylormade Speed blade has the speed pocket as did the RocketBladez but they have gone one step further in the new irons by making it longer across and making it deeper in the heel and toe allowing the face to have a larger maximum spring effect area (bigger sweet spot) giving the player more speed on toe and heel strikes and a more consistent ball speed across the face. The lower GC and the larger speed pocket has given taylormade the chance to make the head a little smaller making it a more asthically pleasing.

What do they perform like?

Using Trackman I am able to test all the irons for performance and I  thought it would be good to test against Taylormade’s previous model the RoacketBladez. The testing is a simple test of ten balls of similar standard strikes and see what the data says. Below is a short video of the resulting data and thoughts.

What Does it all mean?

Basically Taylormade who are renowned for changing clubs for the sake of change have come up with an iron that claims to be :-

• Longer

• More forgiving on of centre hits

• More traditional better looking smaller head design

Looks wise they have made the head smaller and thinner than the Rocketbladez and given them a smooth dark smoke finish along side the satin nickel chrome of the face. They do look much more appealing at address than the Rocketbladez, a lot less in your face and bulky than before with a sound when struck that is no longer a clunky, heavy sound that the Rocketbladez was commonly criticised for. The things I don’t like about this iron is the grip, it feels and looks cheap and for a club of this standard and price point I would expect better than the budget grip that is a about as appealing as a £1.50 Masters grip.

Not everyone will be willing to chuck the Rocketbaldez on eBay and re-invest back into the latest and greatest Taylormade speed blade iron, as they fear in 6 months time the next Taylormade iron will be launched that claims to be even better. Will this be the iron that taylormade wont better for 18 months or more? who knows but if your in the market for a set of irons the Speedblades are certainly worth a look.

Taylormade’s goal was to make the speed blade most consistent iron on the market and in comparison to the previous Taylormade iron the rocketbladez I think they may have achieved it. They have managed to build an iron with a look that golfers want with the forgiveness golfers need, without the big clunky look that golfers in previous years would have to endure.