Trackman Custom Fitting

Off The Shelf Is Not An Option
Trackman-custom-fitting-authorised-optifit-retailerYour golf swing is unique – and your clubs should be too. A Trackman custom fitting session with MotleyGolf, equipped with the latest technology will give you more than your standard custom fitting. The performance of your existing clubs is monitored by our technology TrackMan which monitor each golfer’s launch conditions and ball flight. This gives us a full spectrum of data on speed, spin, trajectory as well as clubhead path and angle of attack, with distance and dispersion calculations for every shot. This allows for an immediate technical comparison of how each club is performing, dynamically, in response to your swing, as well as the efficiency of the clubhead speed into the ball speed that so helps to define distance *£25 will go toward the purchase of your irons or woods if purchased through the club professional shop onsite and South Cerney GC

Standard Trackman Custom Fitting Session £55

Starting with an one-to-one consultation on all the relevant areas of your game and your desired improvements.The performance of the clubs selected (this can be more than one in testing) is monitored by TrackMan which monitor each golfer’s launch conditions and ball flight. Once the clubs have been selected, we begin to assessed the data and results and make recommendations on the following
  • Lie angle
  • loft
  • Length
  • Shaft flex
  • Shaft type
  • Grip type & Thickness
 Trackman custom fitting service offers a in-depth assessment of your equipment and how it impacts on your game and, as a result of any specifications I recommend I deliver a host of genuine performance benefits:

    • Increased accuracy
    • Increased Distance
    • Increased consistency
    • Increased enjoyment

Ultimately I want to improve you and give you lower scores

  • Callaway Golf
  • Taylormade Golf
  • Mizuno
  • Titleist
  • Nike Golf

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