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motleygolf offers a high PGA level of golf coaching whilst utilising market leading 
technology to enhance your progression.
All site sessions are tracked and recorded with TrackMan giving you all the data you need. It is incredibly intuitive and seriously performance-enhancing.


You won’t just improve, you’ll improve faster than you thought possible!


At motleygolf we continually develop our coaching skills through training aids, educational courses, studies of new information and by spending time with some of the best coaches across the globe.

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Tom Motley motletgolf golf lessons Bristol

Tom Motley

PGA Advanced Professional & Golf Monthly Top 50 Coaches

Tom Motley shares his knowledge, tools and support to go the distance in dedicated pursuits on the golf course. When goals are authentic and within reach, you play with passion and purpose.

Tom utilizes cutting edge practices in learning and skill development to make the road to achievement both simple and doable for every golfer.

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